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Taking care of (Virtually) Everything.

Kaizen Globe makes it easy for you to hire a Virtual Assistant remotely. We do tasks for you and take the pain out of the process. We find, hire and manage VAs for you

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Who We Are

About our company

"We focus on lean methodology across virtually all business sectors in all parts of the globe"

Our team is composed of dedicated and young enthusiastic professionals who identify ways to improve your business for long-term success. As a digital business partner, utilising the disruptive power of technology and ingenuity, we help digitally enable our clients' business in their pursuit of next. Our approach to transformation is grounded in a view of both the company and the customers simultaneously, and a unique fusing of strategy and consulting, experience and technology with an enduring culture of problem-solving creativity

  • Proficient in pro tools and software
  • Works round the clock
  • Trained and managed
  • Knowledge on new virtual assistance tools
  • Great problem-solving capabilities
  • Proficient in Microsoft, Google, and most popular productivity suites
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Client Reviews

" I really enjoy working with the Team and find her to be very efficient and proactive."


" I have no regrets hiring Kaizen Globe as my VA! "


" I recently hired 3 VA’s through Kaizen and particularly good at tech related tasks which has been really useful to my client! "


" Fantastic service, prompt reply to my enquiry then very quick service and the work was undertaken efficiently and to a high standard. "


Our Virtual Assistant Can Help You With?

Being an expert team of IT professionals we are well-versed with the new technologies and trends in the market. We assist the company to reduce the manpower and automate their day-to-day tasks.
As per your industry domain, we get in practice the experience professional who has been working in the particular domain or sector over the years.
We offer you high quality services at the most affordable prices. Offload your work on us and focus on your core strength.We can help you cut down on committed costs and still scale up your operations.
One of our key values is to deliver exceptional levels of quality. To this end, we employ a rigorous quality management system, formulated and overseen by our quality control division.
Hire a dedicated, skilled remote employee in less than 8 hours.
  • Our Virtual Assistants are Industry Experts with Extensive Knowledge
  • Proficient in pro tools and software
  • Knowledge on new virtual assistance tools
  • Our Clients

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    Best in class for a fraction of the cost.

    $ 35/per hr

    Full-Time Executive Asst

    Employer Provident Fund Contributions Office rental cost per person Software licences, Consumables etc Medical Insurance Infrastructure, Travel, Operations & Maintenance costs Perks, Bonus, Incentives
    Hot $ 12/per hr

    VA at Kaizen Globe

    Full time Executive Assistant Pay for What You Use! Available Round the Clock No Obligations, No Hidden Charges 500% ROI P.S : You also avoid all of the hassle of Recruitment HR & Employee Management, Performance Management etc

    Can’t find a plan that suits your business? Contact Us to get your custom plan.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    No, there is no set limit that is necessary. We are equipped to handle any amount of requests that you need assistance with.
    The status of your work requests will depend on the information that you will give our assistant and they will make the necessary changes accordingly.
    Yes. Our virtual assistants are perfectly equipped to work with the time schedule of your preference.
    No. Once a virtual assistant has been assigned to you, she/he will manage the inbox in its entirety.
    No. Our virtual assistants will never be a liability to your schedule.